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Welcome to My Dungeon's website!

we focus all our efforts in reaching every corner of the world offering the most organic Tabletop scenery in the market!!!

we leave you a list of our Kickstarter so you can get an idea of what we do!

1.-Adventures Underground!  Fall 2022

We will offer an impeccable set of modular caves so you can put your players at risk in the subterranean depths!

This kickstarter will be released at the end of 2022 so be sure to keep an eye on the notification list.

You can read more here!


2.-The Bridge!  July 2022

our first "pay what you want" project. It was an ideal opportunity for all those who couldn't make it to the Landscape Project or found out about it later.

You can read more here!


3.- Landscapes - Juni 2022


our most ambitious modular scenography project! A challenge for all senses. Hills, trees, rivers, roads... everything you need to bring the real nature to your tabletop!

read more here!


4.- 3D Dungeon Terrain - March 2019


This was our first project and this is where it all started, it was our baby.
A 3D modular dungeon so you can put your players on the craziest adventures and make them spend a bitter adventure in the dark dungeon passageways.

You can read more here!

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