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The MD System

The combination of our magnetized pieces (walls) and the Magicboard makes the use of glue unnecessary and reduces its storage to a box of 10 "x10" after each game.


the Magic-Board is a 10"x10" 0.5mm stainless steel blade and each Basic-Set includes four Magic-Boards and you can assemble in a final module of 20"x20".


The sets are based on a 1" grid and designed to give you the  most flexibility and adaptability. The tiles are  individual square 1"x1" and the walls are 2" tall.        


And yes... it's so simple and fast! In just a few minutes your Dungeon is completely finished to play!

It is incredibly smart to reduce such a realistic scenery in a single box of 25x25cm. Organized for the next game!

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